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This site is written and maintained by housing advocates in Memphis currently involved in the community’s response system.

To get involved, we recommend joining the Memphis/Shelby County Homeless Consortium, subscribing to newsletters from Community Alliance for the Homeless, and continuing to dispel false narratives around homelessness:

It is a basic human right; it is not a consequence.

Talking Points

I notice there are no service providers acknowledged here, why so? In an effort to promote process, no one provider is listed, only access points. To learn about some more, head here.

There’s little mention of housing history and equity on the site.  That is certainly true. However, this site is meant to be introductory to the process in Memphis. For resources regarding housing inequity and patterns of state-sanctioned disenfranchisement, we recommend Memphis Burning and The Case for Reparations.

Need to get in touch? end.data.today[at]gmail.com